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Chinese as a Second Language (CSL)

Empowerment resource for Community Language Learning through gamification & collaborative crowdsourcing. Gamified and collaborative resource for Chinese as a Second Language (CSL).

Problems Students Face



Logographic (pictoral) writing system of 5000+ characters. Incongruence between written and spoken forms Technique of teaching writing tedious with ineffective repetition Key Logic of roots and radicals seldom emphasized.



“nine sounds six tones”, with pitch and contour shaping a syllable’s meaning. Jyutping seldom taught in schools.



Chinese Learning framework is not standardized, no systematic bridging with heritage language Lack of cultural sensitivity and intercultural understanding Vague Learning Framework ‘Re-inventing the wheel’ for each and every school.


Learner Diversity

Difficult to provide tailor-made learning for diverse needs, NAC, SEN, adult learners, to break the language barrier Lacking knowledge of Chinese culture and heritage.



The learning level is not standardized, assessment level extreme from too easy (GCSE) to too difficult (DSE).

Proposed Solution


Unique structured learning LSRW

NO existing game-based learning for non-native speakers, teacher and student friendly, tailor-made for NCS curriculum with homework, tests and class exercise question bank prepared by qualified linguists.


First to Market

Reaching a wide range of customers – schools, NGOs, individual users – Jyutping Listen, Speak, Read and Write.


Easy to deploy

PaGamo existing platform can be utilized to test efficacy while designing own platform.


Authentic Crowdsourced resource

Empower users to collaborate on adding learning resources, teachers can customize for their needs.

Market Potential



Population of Ethnic Minorities (EM's) in HK, which are 8% of total population.

NCS Students


Half are in primary schools, the other half in secondary schools.* *Excludes KG and Uni students



587 Primary & 504 Secondary

Proposed Model


Funding for schools from QEF, language research funding of universities.

Service Provision

Chinese Language subject materials for use in conjunction with class.

Heritage Promotion

Collaboration with NGOs and institutions to build a resource for Hong Kong Heritage.
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